A1 Messengers Identity

A1 Messenger Service provides personalized and reliable deliveries. They use state of the art GPS tracking technology to give customers real time updates. 
I completed a 360 company rebrand from logo and identity, to vinyl vehicle graphics, and across all of the company’s collateral material. I refined the colors from the existing palette, and enhanced, modernized, and simplified the branding to create a new fresh look. I established the style guide to unify and maintain the company’s new identity across its many design properties. 
The logo treatment is a merge of the A and 1 that creates a monogram symbol. The angle of the logo symbolizes speed and movement. The angle of the mark informs the triangle element that can be used across different entities, whether as an anchor to the mark on stationery, or as a transition in an animation. It’s a sleek and interesting way to establish purpose and continuity across all branding materials.

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